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Bringing the highest quality legal service to our clients in the most responsive and efficient manner remains the foundation of BCB. In providing such services, we recognize the importance of our clients’ personal contact with, and accessibility to, our attorneys as an integral part of being a responsive firm.
At BCB we provide superior legal services in a positive and open environment, fostering long-lasting attorney/client relationships. The strong personal relationships BCB attorneys and staff build amongst each other and our clients cultivate mutual trust and respect.
BCB prides itself on being well-prepared in its consultation, persuasive in its negotiation and aggressive in its litigation. Our goal is to achieve a successful outcome and produce solutions as quickly as are achievable, while being ever cognizant of cost, efficiency and client involvement.
iring Us
We recognize that our success depends upon close coordination with, and the satisfaction of you, our client. Our heritage has allowed us to develop a keen understanding of your needs and goals drawn from your viewpoint. We are able to focus on that viewpoint because of the extensive business knowledge and industry experience of our attorneys, which helps us understand the often-complex arenas in which you operate.
BCB takes pride in our ability to work in partnership with in-house counsel and business executives who manage the offices of their clients. We promise always to communicate with you to assemble the appropriate team, not only to resolve a problem, but to anticipate one.
mall Business Monthly Awards

2015 – Guy Brandt listed in 2015 Top Attorneys List
2016 – Guy Brandt listed in Best M&A Providers in St. Louis List
2017 – Guy Brandt listed in 2017 Top Small Business Lawyers List
2017 – Sarah Bohnhoff noted as a Top St. Louis Employee
2019 – Guy Brandt listed in Best M&A Providers in St. Louis List
2019 – David Spewak named one of “The Best Attorneys in St. Louis”
2020 – Randolph Parham listed as one of “The Best Attorneys in St. Louis”
2020 – Guy Brandt listed as one of “The Best M&A Providers in St. Louis”
2020 – David Spewak named one of “The Best Attorneys in St. Louis”
2021 – Guy Brandt listed as one of “The Best M&A Providers in St. Louis”

Berger, Cohen & Brandt, L.C. listed in “Best Law Firms” List
2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020

Berger, Cohen & Brandt, L.C. listed in “Best in Value” List

Berger, Cohen & Brandt, L.C. listed in “Best in Quality” List
2016, 2017

Berger, Cohen & Brandt, L.C. listed as a “Five Star Workplace”

Berger, Cohen & Brandt, L.C. listed in “Best Customer Service”
2020, 2021

Our highest honor is receiving client referrals, which is the lifeline of our firm
“There’s a unique sense of a family atmosphere here. The attorneys, paralegals and staff work together as a team to support our clients. We do not have minimum billing hour requirements, but rather are all responsible for providing our clients with the highest quality of legal services. Our highest honor is receiving client referrals, which is the lifeline of our firm.”
– Member of BC&B
Critical in the overall success
"BCB's knowledge of all facets of this real estate transaction, particularly regarding the sophisticated financing package, was critical in the overall success of this deal."
– Partner of Real Estate Investment Firm
Quality of legal work and dedication
"There is no doubt in my mind that the size of this estate, and the distribution to the general unsecured creditors, would be significantly smaller without [BCB's] perseverance, the quality of legal work and dedication to this case."
– Bankruptcy Trustee
Impressed with the efficiency and professionalism
“I originally met and worked with these attorneys when they represented the seller of a business I was acquiring. I was so impressed with the efficiency and professionalism they brought to a complex transaction that I sought their counsel after the completion of the acquisition. They have been invaluable to me in the transition, helping steer me through the minefield of federal and state regulations, the bureaucracy of the taxing authorities, and just dealing with everyday issues with customers, vendors and employees. I am lucky to have them as a part of my team.”
– Owner and President of a Mid-Sized St. Louis Company
Pleased and impressed with the service
“I was both pleased and impressed with the service and result I received from the firm. The attorneys understood my and my family’s particular personal and business succession needs, prepared the documents on time and explained them to me in a way I could easily understand.”
– Founder, Family Owned Business
Instrumental in working with us
“In our industry, the ability to attract and retain talented employees is key to our success. The firm has been instrumental in working with us to design executive compensation packages that appeal to our key employees by providing them with incentives to assist in our growth while allowing us the resources to meet our company’s obligations.”
– President, Leading St. Louis Advertising and Public Relations Firm
The quality of their work is unsurpassed
“BC&B has been with us since inception and is an essential member of our corporate team. Previously, as Executive Vice-President of another company, I had worked with some of the largest St. Louis law firms. In fact, that is where I began my relationship with some of BCB’s current attorneys. When we started our new business venture, I immediately sought out the representation of BCB. The quality of their work is unsurpassed, and BCB’s attorneys have always provided us with expert counseling and personal attention in the most timely and efficient manner. I think what sets them apart from other law firms is their ability to understand our business objectives and provide innovative solutions to our legal issues which fit within our business model.”
– President of one of the Fastest Growing Technology Companies in St. Louis
Keen ability to analyze proposed loan structures
“BC&B attorneys have a keen ability to analyze proposed loan structures to protect our interests, while at the same time understanding what terms are vital to the success of our borrowers. Their attorneys work closely with our loan officers and provide us with the highest quality of work. Their efficiency, sensitivity, timeliness and reasonable costs have enabled us to strengthen client relationships which we would otherwise be unlikely to maintain.”
– Assistant General Counsel of one of the Nation’s Largest Financial Institutions
Diplomatic problem solvers
“In addition to the quality of BCB's representation always being as high as any firm with which I have worked, they have the unique ability to adapt between being extremely aggressive and very diplomatic problem solvers, depending upon the different issues of each case.”
– President of a National Real Estate Brokerage Firm
Their advice and counseling are invaluable
“The firm’s attorneys have a great understanding of our business and the legal developments affecting our industry. Their advice and counseling are invaluable. They always have creative and well-reasoned solutions to the legal challenges we face. They have the unique ability to fully understand our producers’ businesses as well as our own, and are able to develop innovative ideas to attract and retain such independent agents. Their representation has greatly assisted our company in being recognized as the insurance carrier of choice in a highly competitive market place.”
– Senior Vice President of Sales of a National Insurance Company


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